Someone in the aviation fuel industry I respect once said to me: “There are no laybys in the sky.”

And when you and your team are responsible for ensuring the safe refuelling of a large number of flights in the UK every single week then that’s something we have to think about all the time.

In our world health and safety isn’t a “nice to do”. It’s a way of life, because there is no fourth emergency service at 36,000ft.

So, as well as working through a stack of good guidance, safety precautions, risk assessments, routine checks, double checks, and everything else that comes with world class health and safety standards, at Gulf Aviation we like to test ourselves against the very best globally.

Getting JIG with it

If you work in aviation fuels and lubricants and your commitment to safety is not class leading, then it’s potentially life threatening. Safety is no accident. So, we work at it relentlessly.

That’s why we’ve been working with partners around the globe to share best practice to make our safety standards as robust and secure as they can be for our customers in the UK.

JIG – otherwise known as the Joint Inspection Group – is one of the world’s leading international forums, where experts in all aspects of the aviation fuel supply industry can come together to establish and enhance standards for the safe handling and quality control of aviation fuels globally.

They’ve also developed a set of de facto standards that govern the operations of shared fuel storage and handling facilities at the world’s major airports where JIG companies, like us, operate.

More than that, we all work together to establish, recognise and endorse standard improvements we know can make a difference.

I was delighted to have had the opportunity travel to Thailand with my colleague Sam and spend time recently with some of the world’s foremost thinkers – and doers – in aviation fuel safety.

You’ve got to love safety…

Some might say, it’s not the ideal way to spend a Valentine’s Day weekend, but for those of us who live and breathe aviation safety, there was a lot of love for the topic at the JIG Managers’ Workshop hosted in Bangkok.

We were given the opportunity to hear presentations from JIG Council members like Tony Conway, Antonis Christodoulakis and Andy Wells, as well as experts and specialists from industry including Thorsten Lange of Lufthansa.

During the two-day event, a series of workshops were held for site managers and JIG inspectors and we were given first hand access to guidance and advice on new safety equipment, the latest research and inspection findings, fuel developments, key industry issues and new thinking in safety in our field. If you love safety and want to know more then please get in touch.

Attending these types of events enables us to absorb the latest updates and changes that ensures Gulf Aviation remains a class leading, reliable and safety focused supplier. And it’s not a one off. Learning and improving is an ongoing commitment.

But the key for us is not just to hear about all the latest advice; it is also to digest it and to act on it. Working with Sam, David and the Gulf Aviation team that’s exactly what we intend to do.

We want people to know that if they are getting their aviation fuels or lubricants from us, they can trust us and, most importantly, they be confident that with Gulf Aviation world class JIG standards come as standard.

Alex Murphy
Head of Gulf Aviation

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