The Gulf brand is an incredible asset for any company to have. It is steeped in history and familiar to millions. It is also a representation of a contemporary and incredibly forward thinking company.

Combine this with the fact that we’re part of DCC Plc, a FTSE 100 listed company with a market cap pushing £6 billion, and you’d be forgiven for thinking we can’t lose when it comes to delivering class-leading, cost effective fuels and lubricants to aviation customers and airports in the UK.

But big brand backing and buying power alone aren’t enough.

I know I speak for my colleague David Dykes and every single member of my team at Gulf Aviation, the aviation division of Certas Energy, when I say our business – and our success – has been fuelled on great relationships, on building trust and on a relentless focus on customer service and care.

Thinking national, acting personal

Without doubt, the Gulf brand has international recognition. But what I’m most proud about, over the last few years in particular, is that we’ve built Gulf Aviation into a personally trusted fuel and lubricants partner that supplies a growing number of commercial airlines, regional airports and general aviation operators across the UK.

We’ve done that by establishing some incredible relationships, through personal service and by building a level of trust among our customers.

“Trust”. It’s an incredibly simple word, but one of the most important for everyone who works alongside David and I in the Gulf Aviation team.

Trust can be described as “the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something”. Reliability. Truth. Ability…. in our world a better word might be “capability”.

So how are we building our success – and fueling our growth as a business – through trust?

I’ll take each of these words one by one to explain.


When you break down what “reliability” really means in the world of aviation fuels, I think it means a few very simple things for our customers and clients….1) have fuel (an important one!), 2) get it to me when you say you will and 3) don’t charge me the earth.

At Gulf Aviation we boast a comprehensive network of fuel supply points and a dedicated and committed haulier fleet.

By delivering when we say we will – using some of the very best people in haulage – flying schools, regional airports, private pilots and commercial operators know they can trust us to deliver. More and more are turning to us because of our reliability.

And, because we always price to win business and earn the faith of existing and new customers, our costs are always among the most competitive. I’d invite anyone who has never used us before to get in touch and see for themselves.


Our dedicated and experienced team have established strong and personal relationships with our customers and that is enabling us to give every one of them some all-important truths.

Dependable delivery is one.

Through our dedicated haulier fleet, we follow some of the strictest quality control procedures in the business, in order to ensure the safe delivery of our premium fuels every time.

A relentless focus on customer service and customer care make this a necessity.


We’re proud to serve aviation operators and regional airports in every corner of the UK, delivering a wide range of fuels and lubricants through our national distribution network.

Our dedicated aviation office in Leeds is set to handle customer enquiries and always aims to fulfil every order with prompt delivery.

And we offer a maintenance package, which means our team of engineers are ready to respond to breakdown calls and maintenance requests, 24 hours a day. Our branded vehicles can be deployed anywhere in the mainland UK to ensure our customers can maintain their operations.

A gulf in class above our competition

The Gulf brand’s association with aviation dates back to an era when biplanes ruled the skies. But, some 80 years on, we have new opportunities to grow the brand in the UK and we intend to do that with Gulf Aviation.

Thanks to the vision and faith of our leadership team at Certas Energy and our parent company DCC, Gulf Aviation has been given a platform – and a passionate and committed team – to grow and challenge some long-established competition in the aviation fuels and lubricant sector.

And we intend to do that by continuing to develop genuinely strong relationships, creating greater trust, delivering industry leading capabilities and providing the very best customer care.

Alex Murphy

Head of Gulf Aviation

Can Gulf Aviation be your trusted aviation fuel and lubricants partner?

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